Ramblin Rose Triathlon


Even though today I had an insanely early start- 4:15 am, I can honestly say it was truly worth it.  I woke up before sunrise on a weekend in order to be a Girl’s on the Run volunteer for the Ramblin’ Rose Triathlon in Charlotte, NC.  This triathlon is a very special event, because it is an event that encourages women of all ages and sizes to get active and complete a triathlon.  A very cool organization named Tri It for Life prepares these women for their very first triathlon.  The athletes in the race varied in experience, but I think some of the most inspiring stories I heard were from women that had never competed before.  Some of these women when they started training didn’t even know how to swim and learned to swim in order to compete.  I could not believe this when I heard this.  This is a large feat!


I know that competing in something new can be very intimidating!  I think it is awesome that Tri it for Life helps prepares women for this event by hosting practices and sessions.

Today, as a volunteer I helped mark the athletes before the race, direct the athletes during the race, hand out medals at the finish line, and hand out refreshments after the race.  I was inspired by all of the female athletes who competed today.  All of them did an amazing job.

As a volunteer today, I learned a lot about an event I never thought about competing in until recently.  It was awesome to see such strong women competing in swimming, biking, and running.  In fact, I think next year I am going to sign up for Tri it For Life and compete in my very first triathlon at the Ramblin’ Rose Triathlon in Charlotte.  One thing that I am afraid of for a triathlon is the transition.  The idea of doing three different events in one day is mind boggling.  I am not quite sure how my body would react.  I know if I train for it I too could one day compete.

Congratulations to all the athletes who raced today!


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