I was a busy bee at work today.  Its five o clock, and I finally am having a chance to sit down for the first time!  It feels great to finally sit down after being on the run and on your feet all day.  The peace and quiet at home is quite wonderful.  I am so glad that Monday is over with for another week!  There is something about going back to work on Monday that is just such a drag, and I am pretty sure it is my alarm sounding at 4:45 am to get up and eat breakfast!

After the incident last Monday with me collapsing at work, my trainer and I decided it was a good idea for me to start journaling my fitness journey of my work outs for the week including rest days, the meals that I eat, and how I feel after each meal.  The idea behind this journal is to make sure I am living a balanced life style while still meeting my training goals.  The logging of the meals and how I feel after them is to make sure that I am getting enough calories and the proper nutrition while I continue to train for a figure competition.

ImageThe ultimate goal behind the journal is to make sure that I do not nearly faint ever again like last Monday.  I have been known to do this in the past, and I did go to the doctor last week as promised to get myself checked out again for fainting.  I was basically told by the doctor that I was healthy, but I have a trigger that seems to cause these near fainting spells.  The doctor used a fancy science word vesovegal syncope which basically means my body overreacts to a certain trigger that causes my pulse to slow down.  Since I already have low blood pressure, it causes my blood pressure to drop low enough where I feel I am going to pass out.  This feeling is due to the fact that my brain is receiving reduced blood flow.  The trigger seems to be heat, so I am supposed to prevent the trigger from happening.  Well, I live in South Carolina, so I can’t avoid the heat.  However, I can make sure that I stay fed and hydrated to keep my blood pressure at a healthy level! So, the journal idea was thrown out there to help me prevent my fainting and near fainting episodes.  My trainer liked the idea, so we are running with it.

ImageImageSo far it has been working very well.  I just have to make sure I set aside a few minutes a day to document everything in a journal.  It is also nice to have all your training stuff in one place!  Makes it quick and easy to grab.  It also makes it easy to see progress, make adjustments, and see habits that need to either be continued or discontinued.  My trainer is checking it each week to further help me develop my nutrition and training plan.


Do you keep a training journal?  How do you ensure you keep up with it?


2 thoughts on “Journaling

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better and keeping a journal. I’m awful for keeping a written journal but I have a private blog through blogger where I take pictures throughout the day so I have my scale weight, body pictures, food and workouts so I can look back when I need to. It’s easier that way for me. Plus I can get a “clear view” of what and how much I’m actually eating. I’m a visual person.

    • Hi Dawn! I am glad I am feeling better too. The journal has definitely been helpful! How do you remember to take pictures of your food? I can never do what I ate Wednesday, because every time we get half way through a meal I am like oh man I forgot to take a picture! I do weight out my portions though, so I know how much I am eating.

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