A Bump in the Road


Monday’s are always rough, but today was extra rough.  Not only was it long, but it seemed today I was dealing with one problem after another. Today was the first day I went to work with my new nutrition changes.  Even though I was feeling great over the weekend, I was not feeling so great today.  My breakfast which usually leaves me stuffed left me starved.  When I got to work, my room was inordinately hot, and I could not seem to get enough water in me. I was constantly thirsty chugging water due to the heat in my room.  After first period, I was not feeling well at all.  I was nauseous and could feel the shakes coming on, so I tried to eat meal two of the day.  It did not seem to help.  In fact I seemed to be getting dizzy.  I barely made it outside my door where my kids could not see me when I fell to the floor with severe shakes.  I could not seem to get back up, and luckily a security guard was close by and came to help.  To my horror, the nurse came down with a wheel chair and wheeled me to the other side of the school to the nurses office.  I laid in the nurses office for a little bit until color returned to my face while having my blood pressure taken (low) and asked a ton of questions like:

Did you eat breakfast? Yes

What did you eat? Oatmeal, 2 eggs and 2 egg whites

Was this the first time this had happen? No

Have you talked to a doctor about it? yes

What did the doctors do?  A bunch of tests that came back as me being healthy

What do you usually do?  I need food and water, so I was given some fruit and water to help get my blood pressure back up to normal.

After about half an hour color returned back to my face and I was feeling better.  I went back to teach my classes, because I really did not want my classes to be on different pages (this is just a pain in a teacher’s behind).  I felt off all day, and I was constantly hungry.  I ate everything I brought to school with me by noon.  I made it through the day, even with a very tough disastrous fourth period (that is a whole other story).  When I got home I called Sasha to see what I could do.  We tweaked my nutrition plan to make sure I am getting enough food and to make sure this will not happen again.  We added some more vegetables, and if need be we may have to up my complex carbohydrates.  My protein intake is exactly where it needs to be for my goals, and I definitely do not want too much protein.  To much protein can give you an ulcer!  We also moved my personal training this week to Friday to get my nutrition correct, and so I could have time to recover and visit my primary care physician to once again check that I am healthy (yuck I hate the doctor). I listened to my body tonight and took it easy.  I even treated myself to a bowl of my favorite ice cream.  My body just needed some TLC.

Your body is always trying to tell you something.  Don’t ignore it!  Has something similar ever happened to you?  What did you do?


2 thoughts on “A Bump in the Road

  1. Yes. I have so been there. My BP is always very low, and as a fellow teacher, I’ve actually had the very same thing happen to me, and I had to go home for the day. It was horrible! Sadly, I’m with you- I’ve never had any answers or solutions to this, other than stay fed and hydrated. I’d love to know if you hear anything from others!

    • I have heard a couple of things from my sweat pink sisters. Some say they have received the same advice of stay hydrated and fed. Others say they have been diagnosed with a heart problem and other with reactive hyperglycemia. I am going to the doctors again Thursday, so we will see what the doctor says!

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