Persistence Pays Off


This weekend is flying by, and I cannot believe that I will be back at work again tomorrow morning!  I better get to that grading that I have been putting off all weekend!  My husband and I had a wonderful weekend just enjoying each other’s company.  Yesterday we went mountain biking at the National White Water Rafting Center in Charlotte, and it was quite an adventure!

It has been a while since I have been on bike, and honestly I do not know what I was thinking when I agreed to go mountain biking.  I should have known it had disaster written all over it, because I absolutely hate off roading.  We went off roading in a car before, and I did not enjoy the feeling that I have no control and at any moment that the car is going to flip!  Apparently, off roading on a bike is transferable!  I was not a fan.  In fact the first part of our trail I bitched a lot (my poor husband).  I felt wobbly on the bike, and my butt was not enjoying going over all the tree roots and bumps on the trail.  I was also freaking out, because the trail was really narrow and I felt like it was collapsing in on me.  I am pretty sure the first time around I walked my bike more than I rode it.  I actually asked my husband if we could just turn around and go back because mountain biking just was not my thing.  He encouraged me to keep going and to give it another chance.


Beautiful view along the way!

We eventually stopped off to the side of the trail for some water and a snack.  I fully enjoyed my apples and peanut butter and the chance to have my feet flat on the ground!  Eventually, though, we had to keep going.  This time, though, my husband had me go in front.  He saw that I was really struggling an gave me a few tips, like to get my butt off the seat when I went over the bumps and tree roots to help stabilize the bike.  He also told me to just look straight ahead and not focus on how narrow the trail was.  Turns out this was the turning point of the ride, because finally everything just clicked and I really started enjoying myself.  In the last part of the trail, I actually rode my bike instead of walking it and to my surprise I started enjoying myself.  I was actually sad when we came to the end of the trail, because I was just getting a hang of it.  My husband was completely surprised when I asked if we could do the trail one more time.

The second time around I completely rocked the trail.  I rode my bike for the majority of it only getting off a couple of times to let someone go by.  When we finished the trail the second time around I had a giant smile on my face.  I was actually quite proud of myself.  I learned a valuable lesson Saturday.  Persistence pays off.  If I had thrown in the towel when I was struggling, I would never have found out how enjoyable mountain biking is.  I would never have felt the pride and joy of finally having everything click!  I owe a giant thank you to my husband for this valuable lesson, because he was my cheerleader the entire time without his encouragement I would have definitely thrown in the towel (Thanks babe! Love you!).


I survived!

I can honestly say that I would go mountain biking again, but I think I still prefer road biking more.

Have you ever wanted to throw in the towel when trying something new?  What helped you to keep going?


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