My love hate relationship with running


Recently, I have been adding a little bit of cardio to my lifting routine.  I have been trying to run at least two times a week for at least twenty minutes.  I am starting small here, because I do not want to over due it.   I have even signed up for a couple of races to encourage my training.  Recently, we signed up for a couple of 5ks including the color run in October and for Race for the Cure.  I am hoping I can break the thirty minute 5k!

Currently, I have a love hate relationship with running.  I am going to start with what I hate about running first, because I want to end my post on a positive note.  So here it goes….The things I hate about running:

  • The when is this torture going to end feeling
  • The I am bored feeling on the treadmill, because your eyes are staring at the timer.
  • The I can’t breathe correctly while I am running, so I switch from the correct breathing to the I am gasping for air breathing.

Surprisingly the hate is actually a small list.  I would have thought this list would have been a little bit longer!

Here is what I love about running:

  • The sense of accomplishment once you finish your run.
  • The moment when you don’t think you can run any further and your body keeps going.  This happened to me this weekend.  I usually bottom out after three miles.  I know it is more mental than anything else.  Well, on Saturday I actually ran more than three miles!  I ran 3.5 miles and I could have continued.  I had to be somewhere, though, so I had to call it quits.
  • Reaching your goal time for a run.
  • When you get lost in your run, and it is just you, your breath, and the road in front of you!

What is your relationship with running?  Does it change depending on the day?


6 thoughts on “My love hate relationship with running

  1. I am the exact same! I’ve taken a break for a while and I don’t miss it at all, though I’m planning on a half next year at some point. The breathing, the timer…all of it. What’s addictive? The atmosphere and community.

    • I eventually have to slow down. Sometimes I just like to really push myself and then I end up gasping for air, because I want to reach a certain number in a set amount of time.

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