Upcoming three day weekend and awesome sale!


It is almost Friday, and I am so excited for the three day weekend that is approaching!  This weekend is ear marked for the start of college football (yay!).  I am ready to watch and cheer on my Penn State Nittany Lions on Saturday afternoon at a local bar! WE ARE PENN STATE!

I am also bursting with excitement for my kayak lesson on Monday morning at the National White Water Rafting Center!  My husband and I were looking for something fun and exciting to do together, and we thought this was the perfect idea.  Plus this means I can cross off kayaking on my fitness bucket list!  Hopefully by Monday morning I am not scared to get in the water.  This past weekend on our hike kayaking just looked like so much fun and so relaxing.  I will definitely report back and tell you how it goes.

Also, don’t miss out on this awesome Labor Day sale this weekend with the Running Buddy (www.therunningbuddy.com)!  The Running Buddy is offering 20% off this weekend plus free shipping and handling!  This cool company sells a pouch that attaches to your waistband by a magnet to free up your hands, so when you exercise outside or go the gym you have a place to put your phone, ipod, keys, and whatever else you want to carry!  This will definitely come in handy for the fall races I am in the process of lining up! I have been eying one of these for a while, and I am so excited to finally order one ON SALE!  I absolutely love it when something I have been wanting goes on sale.  Who wants to pay full price? 

Running Buddy (6"L x 4 1/2"H)

What’s in store for your three day weekend?  Are you excited for college football?


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