A few of my favorite things right now


Happy hump day!  I personally cannot wait until Friday, and I am more than half way there!  My body is all out of whack with returning to school, and I am exhausted. I am excited for a nice long weekend!  Do you have any fun plans for the upcoming long weekend?

Anyhow: here are a few of my favorite things right now….

  • Workout music.  Recently I have been exhausted, so I have needed my work out music to help me get pumped for my workout after work.  My current favorite band to listen to while I work out is Imagine Dragons!

  • Apples and peanut butter for a snack.  So confession, I have a little bit of a peanut butter obsession, so anything with peanut butter on it makes for a great snack.  With fall season quickly approaching though, all I have wanted to pair my peanut butter with is apples!

  • Naps. Currently, a nap after work is a must!  Even if it is just a quick half hour nap.  My body hasn’t quite adjusted yet to waking up at 5am for work.

  • Researching the National White Water Rafting Center in Charlotte.  I am thinking I want to take a kayak lesson, and the National White Water Rafting Center looks like the perfect place to do so.  I cannot believe I have been in Charlotte for a year, and I have not checked this place out yet!
  • The Big Bang Theory.  I just cant seem to get enough of Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard, and Penny!  I am constantly catching the reruns at night to unwind.  Even though I have seen them all a million times.




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