Don’t forget about your glutes!


Today was one of those really long days at work.  I stayed late at work to get caught up on planning and copying.  I then went to personal training afterwards.  I was so tired by the time I got home that I literally passed out.  I think my brain is still sleeping as I write this post, because a couple of things that I have said to my husband and via text message tonight have definitely not made any sense.  I need to go to bed early tonight, so I am fresh for tomorrow.

At personal training today, Sasha and I worked on glutes and abs.  We also discussed how so many trainers and fitness lovers forget to workout the glutes!  It is a muscle, and it does need to be worked from ALL directions if you want a nice toned butt! So, I thought I would share my workout from tonight.


3 sets of 20 barbell hip thrusters

3 sets of 10 stiff legged deadlifts with bar


3 sets of 20 abductors with bands around the legs

3 sets of 10 each leg Standing Low Cable Hip Abduction


3 sets of 10 glute ham raises

3 sets of 10 each in a row: hanging flutter kicks, hanging knee raises, hanging leg raises.

Have you worked your glutes recently?  What is your favorite exercise to work your glutes?


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