Another Beautiful Day Another Great Hike


I can’t believe this weekend is almost over and school is going to start bright and early tomorrow morning in CMS!  I am basking in my last day of summer, and my husband and I had another wonderful day enjoying the great outdoors.  First we went to my church and enjoyed a wonderful service.  Has anyone else ever been so lost in the music that you were moved to tears?  Well this happened to me this morning in church.  I do not know what it is about the song “Amazing Grace” (I love this song by the way.  I think it is a powerful song), but every time I hear this I end up being moved to tears.  There is only one other song that makes me cry like “Amazing Grace,” and it is the song I processed down the aisle to, “Canon in D”.

After church we thought we would enjoy another hike since we had so much fun yesterday.  I feel like we have been cooped up all summer watching TV and movies, and we need to be more active besides our daily workouts.  So our hiking weekend was very welcomed.  I love sight seeing and I love to move (Two of my favorite things).  We explored more of our new home base, South Carolina, by trekking up to Kings Mountain.  We were originally just going to do the hiking trail, but upon arrival of the trail we found it was a 16 mile loop.  We only had a couple of hours, so a 16 mile loop was going to have to happen another day.  We are thinking we may return to King’s Mountain to do the 16 mile trail and some camping in the future.  For today, though, we changed our plans, and we decided to do the 1.5 mile battle trail that went around the perimeter of the battle of King’s Mountain.  Not only was the hike beautiful, but we also learned some American History along the way.  For those of you unaware, Kings Mountain was the location of a battle during the Revolutionary War in South Carolina that was a major turning point in the war.  The Patriots won this battle and decimated enemy forces.

So today I will just leave you of some pictures of our hike!


Ready to hike!


Monument to those who fought in the Battle of King’s Mountain!


Monument to British Major Ferguson who led the British soldiers and lost his life during the battle. I really liked the American Flag in the rocks by the monument.

Sun please stick around!  We want more awesome weekends like this.  I really enjoyed being outdoors, and I liked that I got my lifting work out in and little walking/hiking in!

What did you do today to get more active?  Do you like to hike?  What is your favorite place to go hiking?


4 thoughts on “Another Beautiful Day Another Great Hike

  1. I love hiking. There are quite a few good hikes nearby where I live. I took the new road bike out for a spin this evening. Felt awesome. I think I am turning into a cyclist!

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