Finally a weekend with beautiful weather!


We have gotten so much rain this summer.  It was nice to finally have beautiful weather on a weekend, so we took full advantage!  It felt so good to see the sun shining today!  First up this morning was boot camp!  Boot camp was completely awesome.  I love challenging myself in this class, and I definitely get an awesome workout.  I was so proud of going all the way out on my feet on the ball today to do push ups!

After boot camp we had to make a pit stop at my school to finish getting ready for the new school year.  I had to unpack a few more boxes before the kids arrive on Monday morning, and I needed to make copies for class on Monday!  I feel like I am in much better shape now to teach on Monday.  I may still have a little bit of work to do tomorrow afternoon.

After finishing up at school, we decided to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather.  We went to River park and walked the trails near the Catawba river.  While walking near the river, I added something new to my fitness bucket list.  I want to learn to kayak!  We saw multiple people kayaking and it looked like so much fun!

The trails were a little buggy, and I may have been eaten alive by the bugs (I also had about five knats fly into my eyes.  Obnoxsious!).  Note to self next time bring bug spray!    It was totally worth it, though, for some extra vitamin d today!  Plus the views were amazing.

On the hike we found this cool little guy hanging out in tree.  I think he was fairly photogenic.  He definitely wasn’t camera shy!  Can you find him?

ImageWe also found this awesome tree!  So many people had stopped and carved on this tree.  It was really awesome looking!


So of course we had to add our initials to the tree and leave our mark!  I made my husband do the carvings.  I am slightly afraid of knives.

ImageAnd of course, we did stop a couple of times to enjoy the view.  Here is the best view we found.

ImageAll in all we had a wonderful Saturday!

Did you get out and enjoy the beautiful weather?  If so, what did you do to enjoy the weather?


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