Listening to my body and RunnerBox Arrival


So, I survived the longest day of the year yesterday for a teacher-Open House!  On the day of Open House we report to work at our normal time bright and early in the morning then are at work until  a litter after 8pm.  I didn’t get home from work last night until about 8:45 pm. While it was wonderful to meet my students and their parents for this year, I was exhausted at the end.  I literally came home and passed out.  I, then, woke up this morning feeling like a brick wall had hit me.  My legs were sore from the work out I managed to fit in between open house and the ralley, my feet were swollen, and I was sore all over (I know I sound like an old lady!).  Quite honestly I am not sure how I managed to get to work this morning or home from work today.  I am just plain exhausted.  So, today I took a rest day in order to give my feet and the rest of my body some time to recover before boot camp tomorrow morning.  I took a well deserved nap after work today and felt like a whole new person.

This afternoon I was also excited because I came home to a wonderful surprise.  My RunnerBox arrived!  About a week ago I won a RunnerBox from Tara at PNW Runner! I have been eagerly awaiting its arrival, and it is finally here!


A very tired looking me, but I was excited to get my Runner’s Box!

The RunnerBox had all kinds of wonderful goodies!  I am so excited to try the lace lockers, the Balance Bars, Sports Beans, and the Apple Clusters!  There were such wonderful samples in this box!  What I love is I am getting exposure to products from companies that I may never have heard of otherwise!  I feel some upcomming runs and work outs coming in the near future so I can try all of these wonderful products!  More on my favorites in the future! Thank you Tara and RunnerBox!



4 thoughts on “Listening to my body and RunnerBox Arrival

    • Riley, our cat, just has to be involved in everything. At least this time he wasn’t right under my feet and I didn’t trip on him, because I do that every morning!

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