Too many work out clothes?! and Veggie Egg Muffins


Today was so busy, and I cannot believe that tomorrow is going to be even busier!  I was a busy bee at work today with meetings, getting my room ready, and getting my syllabus ready.  After work I then had to run errands, make dinner, craft, work out, and then I just needed to bake with Heather from Better with Veggies new recipe! Tomorrow is going to be a long day with the teacher rally, open house, finishing up my room, and somewhere in there getting a work out in!

So I found this really cool idea last night on Facebook from Fit Approach for motivation.  The idea is to get a container and to fill it with something every time you work out and/or run.  Then once you fill your jar completely you reward yourself.  I thought this was the cutest idea and a really fun way to motivate myself.  My husband thought it was the perfect way to slow down the amount of new work out clothes entering this house.  I apparently am hoarding work out clothes!  My philosophy, though, is if I am going to work out I need to be in cute clothes.  Let’s face it I work out almost every day, so I need a lot of cute work out clothes.  Anyways, back to my point!  We made a deal that I would not buy any new work out clothes until I filled the jar completely!  I am allowed to fill the jar with three star beads after each work out.  I obviously this afternoon had to craft my jar out of a mason jar and fun fitness stickers!  Here is what I made:


The jar to the right is my jar of beads to use and the jar to the left is the jar I need to fill!

I loved this idea so much, that I then decide to use this as a reward system for my each of my classes this year.  However, my students have a catch!  I can remove beads for not completing homework or for bad behavior.  Once the class completely fills the jar, I will reward the class with a reward of their choice (within reason).  I am so excited to try this out this year.  Sometimes kids just need a little extra motivation or nudge in the right direction!


At some point this afternoon I somehow stumbled across Heather’s post from Better with Veggies and her delicious recipe for Veggie Egg Muffins.  I have been following Heather’s blog for a little while now, and about a week ago I made a special request that she post this recipe after seeing a picture of the muffins in a What I Ate Wednesday Post.  The picture had me drooling through the computer screen, and I was very lucky that Heather was willing to post this recipe!  I, of course, once I saw the recipe had to make it right away. It was perfect timing as well because we had some veggies in our fridge that desperately needed to be used or were going to end up going in the garbage I think!  I only tweaked Heather’s recipe slightly.  I used spinach, tomatoes, and yellow onion for my veggies, and I only used 10 oz of veggies instead of 12 oz.  The muffins currently just came out of the oven, and I cannot wait to try them tomorrow!  Thank you Heather for the recipe!  I now have a much needed new and healthy mid morning snack.  When you get a chance hop on over to Better with Veggies to check out the recipe.  It was very easy and quick to make.


Veggie Egg Muffins! Hello new mid morning snack!

Also a shout out to Brenda- I think you would love this recipe! it is a must try!

Do you hoard work out clothes as well?  What is your favorite work out clothes brand to buy?  Have you tried veggie egg muffins and what do you think?


8 thoughts on “Too many work out clothes?! and Veggie Egg Muffins

  1. Yay – I can’t believe you’ve already made them – can’t wait to hear what you think. And I love workout clothes, I’m addicted to Ellie right now. Every time I think I’ll skip a month or cancel, they release the new line & I end up ordering. 🙂 Haha!

    • I haven’t heard of Ellie. I need to check them out! I had them for my snack this morning they were definitely delicious! This recipe is going to be a staple now! Next time I want to add mushrooms to the mix! I basically just cleaned out my vegetables in my fridge to make them.

  2. Hi Amber! I buy nearly all my work out clothes at a TJ Maxx or Marshalls. They have a awesome selection of sports bras, yoga pants, bright tops, etc… I like that they have a mix of different brands, so if something doesn’t fit right I just try a different label. I love Under Amour for their performance tops and Marika for their sports bras.

  3. Hi Amber! Thanks for the shout out. I was already thinking about trying them the minute I saw the title for your blog that day. LOL! I will also be checking out the Better with Veggies blog to get the recipe.

    As for workout clothes, I agree. You can never have too many!! 🙂

  4. Oh I totally hoard them! My defense now is that I’m a group-ex instructor, so I need them, but when I find something I love, I need every piece of that item made in every color! And I agree about being in cute clothes! If you’re going to sweat and work hard, why not be able to look in the mirror at cute clothes? I love Old Navy shorts (with the undies attached), but otherwise I love to hit TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Some of my favorite pieces have come from there with a much better price tag than other stores.

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