Personal Training Kicked My Butt Today


Today went pretty well!  On the way to work, I got to see the prettiest sky!  I couldn’t help but take a picture while I was sitting at a very long red light!


It was nice to start getting my classroom set up at school.  I got a few posters on my walls, unpacked some of my supplies, and got my desk arranged.  My room is slowly and surely coming together!  I just hope it is ready for open house on Thursday.  I stayed late today at work to go to personal training since training is right down the road from the school I work at.  This allowed me to clock a few extra minutes in my classroom which was really needed!

Today was one of those days at the gym where I got an awesome workout!  Sasha and I worked on back, biceps, and a little bit of abs.  Today we started with bent over rows with the bar.  We really focused on form, because I struggle to pop out my chest during this exercise.  We supersetted bent over rows with bicep curls with a kettle bell.  First of all, I love any exercise that uses a kettle-bell, so I obviously enjoyed this exercise!  I did have a little bit of difficulty gripping the kettle-bell though. I can definitely see the bicep curls with the kettle-bell returning in the future (It makes doing bicep curls so much more enjoyable!).


Next up was my least favorite exercise push ups with a row supersetted with alternate overhead cable curls.  To my surprise I completely beasted the push ups with a row!  I normally do this exercise with my knees on the ground, because I struggle with the push ups.  Sasha had me do the push ups on my feet today until I couldn’t anymore then she had me go down to my knees to complete the exercise.  I actually surprised myself here and did really well.  The last time I even improved by two how many push ups with a row I could do on my feet! I also liked doing this exercise on my feet more, because I could feel it in my whole body.  Sasha even complemented my push up form and how much it has improved!I  On the alternate overhead cable curls we really focused on form and the correct placement of my elbow while relaxing my shoulder.

Next up was the neutral stance lat pull down supersetted with hanging leg raises.  We started light on the neutral stance lat pull down but then really upped the weight as we went.  I could really feel this exercise, and towards the end I started to really struggle!  We did a variation with the hanging leg raises today.  I had to bring my knees completely up to my chest then bring my legs down slowly.  By doing the hanging leg raises this way I also worked my lower back!


I am definitely paying for my workout now, because I am completely wiped out and barely able to move off the couch!  I actually made my poor husband cook dinner and clean the kitchen, because I am so tired.

Last but not least,  I am going to leave you with my favorite motivational quote as part of the #SummerRefresh mindfulness challenge of the day!  I promise you it is not Nike’s
“Just do it.”  Although that thought did cross my mind, because it is on the top of my list!



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