#SummerRefresh Minfulness Week


Today is Monday, and it was my first day back at work!  It was a fun filled day of meeting the new staff members, learning more about the school and its students, and seeing some of my favorite staff from last year!  If anything today showed me there is so much to do before the students come back next Monday with not a lot of time!

I definitely need the Fit Approach #SummerRefresh Mindfulness week challenge!  Here is what the challenges are for the week!

Today: Meditate for 5 minutes and pay close attention to your breathing.

Tomorrow: Write your favorite inspirational quote with your non-dominate hand.

Wednesday: Challenge yourself by practicing mindful eating!  Are we really present and enjoying our food?

Thursday: Tune into your mind and notice your emotions.  How do they feel in the body?

Friday: Observe your thoughts. Determine the quality, texture, and weight of your thoughts!

Are you participating in the Fit Approach Summer Refresh Challenge?  Come back and share your results on the challenges!


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