Back to work and trying to limit my stress this school year


So, tomorrow is the big day.  All teachers in CMS have to report back to work after a nice and welcome summer break!  For the past couple of weeks, I have really been questioning if I was ready to go back to the hustle and bustle of the school year.  Tonight, I am quite content going back to work tomorrow and to get back on a normal routine.

Summer Vacation got me out of my routine of waking up early, eating my six meals a day, and even my work out schedule.  If anything it will be nice to go back to a normal routine!  One thing I am trying to avoid this school year is stress.  So, I am trying to start off the school year right with positive thinking of how great my second year of teaching is going to be and with new routines!

Tonight, on the eve before returning to work I have laid out my clothes for tomorrow, pre-packed my healthy meals for while I am at work (trying to avoid that unhealthy out to eat lunch during work days!), and gotten all of my stuff together that needs to go with me in the morning.  This will make my morning a lot less stressful and maybe even allow me a few extra minutes of beauty rest in the morning!

This year I hope to reduce stress in my life by trying to get in the routine every night of getting everything ready the night before to help me get a little extra sleep at night.  There were too many nights last year that I did not sleep, because I was worried of what needed to get done the next morning before students rolled in at 6:45 am.  I also hope this year to not let the small things get to me.  I am such a perfectionist that sometimes the stupidest things during the school day can stress me out or even worse reduce me to tears!  I am hoping practicing yoga once or twice a week during the school year will also help my state of mind to not let the small things get to me! Also, one last thing I am trying this year is to get my classroom organized.  Life is so much easier in the classroom when you are organized!  So, I dragged my husband to Target this afternoon to get some organizational stuff for my classroom.  Let’s hope these new organizational tools help!

I am strong believer that positive thoughts and positive steps in the right direction can bring about CHANGE, and not just any change good change!

What are you doing to reduce the stress in your life?


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