Conclusion of Summer Refresh Fitness Week


Happy Friday everyone!  I cannot believe that I return to work on Monday! Where did the summer go?  So far today has been a very relaxing day.  I did get awesome new this morning, and I was jumping off the walls!  I won my very first giveaway from PNWRunner!  Pictures to come in the future of the runner’s box!

Today, also marks the conclusion of the #SummerRefresh fitness week challenges.  I have to backtrack a little bit to update you on Wednesday, Thursday, and today.  I did complete all of the challenges, but this is the first time I have had a chance to post about it.

Wednesday’s challenge was to complete as many squats as possible in one minute!  Remember it is very important to have proper form when squatting, because you do not want to hurt yourself!

I loved this challenge, partially because leg days are one of my favorites!  I was able to complete 26 squats in one minute!

Thursday’s challenge was to complete 30 push ups consecutively!  This challenge was a little harder!  I had to do push ups with my knees on the ground, because I knew currently I cannot do thirty push ups on my feet.  I did complete the thirty with a little bit of struggle towards the end with my knees on the ground!  You have to start somewhere!

Push Ups!

Finally, today’s challenge was to try something new for Friday Funday!  Today, I finally tried Pilates (it was my second go actually.  Tuesday was my first, but I tried it on Tuesday with this in mind!).  I did not go back to Carolina Pilates after they told me they did not accept beginners in the class I signed up for a few weeks ago (no mention on their website either)!  I have yet to get my money back either!  Instead, I signed up for a class at Synergy Yoga of Rock Hill!  I love the staff there!  They are so friendly and nice.

For Pilates, I had Gayle as my instructor both times, and she is absolutely wonderful!  She was able to adapt poses for me which was great.  I really enjoyed her class, and I hope Synergy Yoga of Rock Hill will put in an evening Pilates class or a Saturday morning class so I can continue going.  Pilates is a wonderful core workout that also helps with strength and flexibility. It is no surprise that I enjoyed it, because I love working my core. However, I do need some help in the flexibility department.

I have always known that I was not flexible.  In Gayle’s class I learned that I have super tight hamstrings- hence why I cannot touch my toes in a forward fold.  The point of the class though is to work at your level which is exactly what I did (the modified poses really helped)!  I hope to continue to go to Pilates in the future!

Did you complete the Summer Refresh Fitness Challenges?  How many squats and push ups can you do?  What did you do for Friday Funday?


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