Fitness Survey: Teaming up with other bloggers to answer some fitness questions!


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Today, I am going to take part in a fitness survey being sponsored by She cooks, She crafts, she runs.  This survey will give you my answers to some fitness questions.

What is your favorite healthy and filling breakfast?

My favorite filling breakfast is actually my go to breakfast of two eggs over medium with oatmeal and 1/4 cup fruit!

What keeps you motivated?

A couple of things keep me motivated. 1. My trainer Sasha. 2. The feeling of accomplishment after I complete my workout. 3. Knowing that I am doing something just for me (working out is my me time). 4. The Sweat Pink Ladies over at Fit Approach.

What is your favorite way to change up your routine?

My favorite way to change up my routine is by trying a new work out or switching some exercises out at the gym for a different exercise that works the same muscle.

What’s your go to “get back on track” tip? I am stealing this one from Nike ” Just do it!”  Remind yourself that you have to work to achieve the results you want.  It definitely is not going to get done by sitting on the couch!

What is your favorite distance to race? A 5K!  The perfect distance for me to run, because its not too long and its not too short.

Name one thing on your fitness bucket list.  Compete in a fitness competition.  I am thinking bikini. I really just need to go for it.

Best reason for living a healthy lifestyle.  A better you.  I have so much more energy and enjoy life so much more when I am healthy in mind, body, and spirit!

Favorite workout at the gym or at home?  This is a no brainer!  Working my core obviously.  Especially my abs!

Show us your shoes!  My pile is rather pathetic, so I will just show you my current favorite ones to wear!



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