Summer Refresh Fitness Week Challenge


Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I know  I did with family.  I traveled to NYC this past weekend to celebrate my future sister in law to be!  Her shower was so much fun with great food, and her bachelorette party was filled with great people and fun in the city.  I am so excited for her to marry my brother in September.

That being said, I am sorry this is posted so late!  I am going to have do the Monday and Tuesday fitness challenge tomorrow.  That being said here are the fitness week challenges:

Monday: Burpee Challenge!  How many Burpees can you do in two minutes?

Tuesday: 1 minute plank

Wednesday: Work your Backside!  How many squats can you in one minute?

Thursday: Push- up challenge.  30 push ups in one sitting!

Friday: Friday Funday!  Try something New!

Good Luck!  Of course, I want to hear how everything went!


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