Monday and Tuesday Summer Refresh Fitness Challenge


So, today was pretty smooth sailing!  I woke up and finally went to a Pilates class- which I have been dying to try (more on this on Friday)!  I received an email that an opening came available for an earlier Girl’s on the Run coaches training, so my new training date is tomorrow!  I am so excited! I then had a day full of meal planning, grocery shopping, and preparing for the Girl’s on the Run coaches training tomorrow.  Finally, I met with my personal trainer for a great shoulder, chest, and tri work out!  Even better, when I got home my husband had dinner prepared, and I was definitely hungry after working up a sweat!  After dinner, my husband and I played catch up with the fitness challenges for this week.

As you know Monday’s challenge was to see how many burpees you can do in two minutes!  I found this challenge to be really hard.  You would not think that two minutes is a long time, but it felt like eons in burpee time!  I struggled with this challenge, and I definitely need to practice my burpee form (something to work on in the future?).  In two minutes I was able to do 19 burpees.  My husband found this challenge to be hard too, but he kicked my butt with 26 burpees!


Concentrating hard on my burpees while thinking when is this two minutes going to be up!


Trying not to collapse to the floor!

Next up was today’s challenge for a one minute plank.  This exercise is right up my alley!  I love planks and I love working on my core!  I kept this exercise simple and did the basic plank.  However, I do love plank variations as well!  One minute plank no problem!  I guess next time I should go for a harder variation…


This girl LOVES Planks!

How many burpees can you do in two minutes?  Did you do your one minute plank today?  Whats your favorite plank variation?


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