Healthy Lunch Tuesday and Personal Training


Today was a relaxing day!  I can’t believe in a week in a half I will be back at work getting ready for the kids to come back to school. I am enjoying my final relaxing days of summer before the quick pace of the school year picks up.  One way I am enjoying the final days of summer is with lots of cooking in my kitchen!  Since I am not back at work yet, I made a healthy lunch in honor of the #SummerRefresh August Challenge for today.  Here was my lunch:


Chicken with salsa, broccoli, and rice with coconut oil

My lunch today was delicious!  I changed things up a little bit by adding a clean salsa to my chicken and by adding a little bit of coconut oil to my rice!  I usually put olive oil on my rice, but I wanted something different today.  I am glad I opted for the coconut oil, because I absolutely loved it!  It made me feel like I was eating on a tropical island- which is always good!

Later on in the afternoon I met with my trainer to get a good leg work out in!  Here is what we did:

3 sets of 12 squats with bar

3 sets of 10 on each leg Romanian dead lifts with bar

3 sets of 15 glute bridges with weighted bar

3 sets of 10 on each leg weighted split squats

3 sets of 10 weighted cable crunches

The Romanian dead lifts took all of my attention and focus that after this it was hard for me to process what my trainer was saying.  It was like I was in a different universe and concentrating on my workout was so hard.  My legs are killing me now, so I know I worked my legs hard today!  We also had a couple of good laughs over the cable crunches.  I would say I have a pretty strong core, but I had such a difficult time figuring out the motion of the weighted cable crunches.  I did eventually figure it out. It just took a little while.

Did you eat a healthy lunch today?  What did you do to break a sweat today?


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