Meatless Monday


So today was the first day of the #summer refresh challenge, and it was Meatless Monday!  Meatless Monday was the day of the nutrition challenge that I was most afraid of, because I have a meat on my plate for almost every meal.  I have to say that I am very proud with how I did today!  I survived Meatless Monday, and it was not horrible!  I would actually consider having Meatless Monday in my house more often.  Here is why:  I felt absolutely fantastic today!  No bloating, lots of energy, and the food was fresh and delicious!

Since this whole eating no meat thing is new to me, I also attended the online Veg Hang Out by Fit Approach.  I am very happy that I did, because I learned a lot!  Did you know there is a whole website dedicated to Meatless Monday’s?  Check it out at  I also learned that vegetarians have no problem getting their protein as long as they eat properely.  Not getting enough protein was one of my biggest concerns for today, and I managed very well!  I was very careful with the recipes that I chose today.  Below is a picture that shows meatless foods that are high in protein.  Have you tried any of them?


How to get your protein when you go meatless!

Some Highlight Meals for Today:

I really went out of my comfort zone today when I tried Tofu fajitas.  I have always been skeptical of tofu, and I never intended on really trying it.  Then, I found Tosca Reno’s recipe for Tofu fajitas in her Eat Clean Cookbook 2 and reconsidered!  I am so glad that I did, because the fajitas turned out great!  They were very flavorful, and I didn’t think twice about eating the tofu in them!  I would definitely make these fajitas again.  This recipe also scores big in my book, because it is so easy to make!


Tofu fajita!

For dinner, I had to go with something that my husband would eat.  So, we agreed on Pesto Stuffed Portobello Pizzas.  Again, this recipe came from Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Cookbook 2, and it was absolutely delicious!  The basil pesto was fresh, flavorful, and had a hint of citrus taste due to added lemon juice and lemon zest.  Also, we knew this recipe would be a success in our house, because we both absolutely love stuffed mushrooms.  My husband did not even miss having meat on his plate!  So I would say dinner was a success!


Basil Pesto Stuffed Portobello Pizzas!

Did you go meatless today?  What was on your plate?


4 thoughts on “Meatless Monday

  1. I just posted about veggie proteins! There are so many options out there. Check out my blog for some recipes including today’s veggie and lentil tostadas!

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  3. I wasn’t entirely meatless yesterday, but only had a tiny bit of lean ground turkey.

    I haven’t cooked tofu yet, but I love to blend it into smoothies. It gives you such a good protein punch!

    • Thanks for stopping by! Going meatless for us meat eaters can be a big change. I love the idea of putting tofu in a smoothie! I am going to have to try it!

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