My very first Boot Camp!


Happy Saturday!  I hope your Saturday was as awesome as mine.  Greg and I attended boot camp in the morning then took advantage of tax free weekend at the outlets!  I am a little jealous of my husband’s snazzy new running shoes, and my current ones are starting to give me blisters.  However,  I just couldn’t find a pair that I liked today at the outlets.  I didn’t want to settle either, since my running shoes are very important to me!


His new shoes!

Now back to boot camp- what this post is about.  Here is how we came to attend boot camp on a Saturday morning.  Friday night my trainer, Sasha, asked me if Greg and I wanted to attend Boot Camp on Saturday morning at My Fitness World in Charlotte.  I automatically wanted to give it try, but my husband was not so sure.  He looked at me like I was crazy for wanting to attend Boot Camp on Saturday morning.  Boot camp was not his idea of a relaxing Saturday morning, so it took a little bit of coaxing on my part to get him to say he would go.  He eventually agreed, and I was stoked to be attending my first Boot Camp fitness class. 

To be honest, I had always avoided these types of fitness classes in the past, because boot camp looked too physically intense for me.  Before I started personal training in October of 2012, I had absolutely no upper body strength and well I was just out of shape.  I’ve been working on my upper body strength for a while now and I am in the best shape of my life, so I was ready to take on boot camp!  Plus I trusted that since Sasha, recommended it to me that she was confident I could handle it as well.

So my husband and I made our way to uptown Charlotte to My Fitness World a little unsure of what we were getting ourselves into.  We knew there would be some cardio component and military like resistance training.  When we walked into My Fitness World this is what we saw:


My Fitness World set up for Boot Camp!

As soon as we walked in, I was excited.  The weights didn’t look scary and it looked mostly like resistance training! Plus Sasha and Greg were there!


Sasha and I ready for Boot Camp.

Class started with a quick warm up then lead into a lot of burpees and an ab work out- My favorite!  We did two different style crunches with the ball and some plank variations.  I think the most difficult of the plank exercises were the plank walks, although I thoroughly enjoyed it!  From abs we moved onto different push up variations, and shoulders.  Shoulders were definitely the hardest part of the class.  The men in class rolled their eyes when the instructor told us ALL to use three pound weights.  However, the instructor did not lie when he said these shoulder exercises make your shoulders burn!  Mine were on fire! From shoulders we then moved onto using a resistance band to do deadlifts, squats, biceps, and rows.  Finally, we ended with some good old stretching.  I looked so nubby when I could not touch my toes, because my lower back is so tight (I am working on it though!  I will be able to touch my toes in the near future!).


Survived boot camp! Still standing and happy campers!

All in all I enjoyed boot camp.  I found the work out to be challenging, and I definitely would attend boot camp in the future.  I actually think this group fitness class will help me prepare for the tough mudder in Charlotte in November (I will still have to work on some other strength exercises and running in addition)!

Have you attended Boot Camp?  How did you fit in your work out today?!


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