Yoga Take 2


So this morning got off to a rough start.  First, for some reason last night I could not shut my brain off and I kept waking up throughout the night. Second, my cat, Riley, definitely ate something he was not supposed to eat and has the runs.  Riley is a long hair cat, so imagine the mess.


Don’t let him fool you. He may be cute in this picture, but he is not so cute when he has poop stuck to his butt and is getting it all over your carpets!

Our poor carpets!  This was actually quite disgusting to wake up to.  Last but not not least, I was all set up to try Pilates this morning to continue my quest to becoming more flexible.  However, at around 8:30 this morning I got a phone call from the instructor telling me that she would not recommend that I take this class, because I had never done it before.  She said that we could schedule a private session first for $50.  I was disappointed and infuriated at the same time.  The website on this studio did not say anything about beginners not being welcome to this class and then to tell me I had to take a private instruction class that is thirty dollars more just threw me over the edge.  I better get my money back! That left a bad enough taste in my mouth that I probably will not be going back to that studio.  I will have to find a different studio or way to try Pilates!

So after this not so lovely start to the morning, I decided I needed to relax and exercise at the same time.  So what better way than Yoga at Synergy of Rock Hill!  I had such a wonderful time yesterday, why not take another shot at different class?!  Today, I decided to take a mixed level vinyasa class!  Synergy Yoga of Rock Hill describes this class on their website like this “A yoga fitness workout class that is sure to challenge! The class combines stretching, breathing, centering, strength and resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility work in warm room. If you are looking for a class to address flexibility, muscle-building, fat-burning and overall toning, join us!”


I was so excited about this new fabulous idea of mine that I was the first one there!

I absolutely loved this class.  I thought it was better than the Foundations class that I took yesterday, because the class had a quicker pace and had you moving a little more and definitely sweating a lot more!  I felt that some of the poses were more difficult, but the instructor was wonderful at sharing ways to modify the poses for those of us that are not as flexible!  She also paid close attention to form and helped us fix our poses.  I loved this attention to form since I am new to the Yoga scene.


Excellent inspiration on the wall!

I left class feeling much better than when I came into class.  I was grateful I was able to work out, I felt that I had stretched out my sore muscles, and my body was feeling fantastic!  Even though my morning got off to a rough start, yoga at Synergy Yoga of Rock Hill put the kick back into this girl’s step!


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