Yoga Take One


For those of you that know me, you know that for the longest time I feared yoga!  Why you ask?  Well because I am probably the least flexible person you will ever meet!  Currently, I am unable to touch my toes (maybe in the future I will be able to though?). 

So, this morning I decided to face my fears and try out at a yoga class out of pure curiosity.  First, I wanted to find out what all the rave was about, because in my head it sounded like it was boring (I think mostly because I was afraid of yoga)! Second, I wanted to know if I could complete a yoga class.  Third, it was time to work on my flexibility!  Fourth, I needed to get out of house, so I might as well try something new!


Up and ready to go this morning to my very first yoga class!

I was up and ready, so I set out on my adventure to try yoga at Synergy Yoga of Rock Hill.  I decided to try a Foundations class.  Synergy Yoga of Rock Hill’s description states “This class will focus on the body’s alignment and with deep extended stretching, will help develop endurance. This non-flow class involves the use of various props to assist in the development of more perfected alignment. If you are looking for a class that will help build strength and increased flexibility, this is a must-do!”

Luckily, I left early, because I got lost mostly because I am new to area and partly because I relied on my GPS and it didn’t know where it was going!  I made it EARLY though to the yoga studio and was ready to go.  I was trying to keep an open mind too, because I had long ago written yoga off!


Made it after a few wrong turns!

So I entered class, and the instructor started with a breathing exercise.  I wanted to roll my eyes, but it turns out proper breathing is very important to yoga!  She then moved on to different yoga poses which she called by name.  I of course had no idea what these poses were so I looked around slightly panicked and waited for the instructor to demonstrate.

Once class got going I started to really enjoy myself.  In fact, I kept asking myself “exactly what were you so afraid of?”  I even found myself thinking this great, especially when we got to the lower back stretches!  A couple of weeks ago, I seemed to have injured my lower back weight lifting (the importance of proper form and not lifting too heavy!) and it has been really stiff and sore ever sense.  It felt amazing to stretch those sore muscles!  I left class feeling so relaxed and so well FANTASTIC!  You could definitely say that my first yoga class was a success!  I plan on going and trying more classes in the future and maybe even making yoga part of my fitness routine. 

If I learned anything today it was to not be afraid of yoga and that part of the purpose of yoga is to help the inflexible work on their flexibility (there are also many other reasons to try or practice yoga as well).

Have you tried something new in fitness recently that you were afraid of?  If you haven’t face those fears it may be well worth it!



7 thoughts on “Yoga Take One

  1. Amber! I’m enjoying your blog. I started doing yoga about a year ago and really love it. I went into my first class not knowing quite what to expect but it turned out to be a great activity for me, both physically and mentally. Keep it up and try a flow class, too!

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