Gym Bag Essentials


So everyone has a gym bag.  Some people’s gym bags are bigger than others, and everyone has essentials in their gym bag.  My gym bag is currently a hot mess that needs to be cleaned out, but I need some motivation to do so (Like a cute new gym bag?!  A girl can dream right?).  Here are the top ten must haves in mine!

1. Lock to lock up all my stuff in a gym locker

2. Water bottle

3. Protein Shaker (For my Branch Chain Amino Acids and Gatorade Powder!)

4. Branch Chain Amino Acids and Gatorade Powder (Helps build muscle during your work out!)

5. Kre-Alkalyne (Also helps to build muscle)

6. IPod (Ever notice a lot less people will approach you at the gym if you have your headphones in? I know this sounds anti-social, but I am there to work out  not socialize!)

7. Neutrogena Facial wipes (Works great for after you finish your work out, so you can keep you skin clean!)

8. Lifting Gloves (When lifting heavy, I sometimes need lifting gloves to help me grip the weights.)

9. Extra pair of socks (I always seem to manage to forget to pack a pair of socks, so having an extra pair is a must!  One time I forgot my tennis shoes.  I guess I really didn’t want to work out that day.

10. Hand Sanitizer (Let’s face it you can never be too careful when sharing equipment!)


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