Getting Back on Track


I know it has been forever since I have written a post, but between a move, my own wedding, and the start of married life things have been crazy over here!  I took a brief break from my training for my wedding at the end of June!  First of all, the wedding was beautiful, and Greg and I had a wonderful time with our friends and family.  We are currently trying to get ready for our honeymoon and finish unpacking our apartment!

As would make sense, right before the wedding and right after the wedding I kind of drifted from my nutrition plan (the cake at the wedding was to die for!) and training plan.  Now that I am back home, I am trying to get back on track!  My husband on the other hand is trying to get used to this healthy lifestyle and is commonly trying to distract me from my goals.  I mean a girl can only protest so much to going out for drinks or to going out for an ice cream!

I feel like I am finally back on track though!  Here is how I am doing it:

1.) Hiding my husband’s junk food

2.) I am doing the grocery shopping and meal planning.  If I left it to him I know pizza would end up on our table and so would fast food, and I can’t let that happen!

3.) Making myself go to the gym and looking to my personal trainer for new and exciting work outs!  I am in the midst of learning completely new work outs and switching up my daily work outs.

4.) Looking to my SPA sister’s (Other good news right before my wedding I found out I was accepted as a Sweat Pink Ambassador!) and social media for encouragement and reminders why I chose this lifestyle.

5.) Staying away from sweets.  I had a lot of sweets right before the wedding, at the wedding, and post-wedding, so my body is once again going through sugar withdrawal.  I am once again addicted to sugar like most American’s (Did you know that sugar has similar affects on your brain as cocaine?), so I am slowly trying to get myself not addicted to it again by reducing my sugar intake daily!

How are you keeping yourself accountable?


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