Bi’s and Tri’s


I know its been a while, since I have posted!  I have been a busy bee over here traveling between Charlotte, Pittsburgh, and New England!  Now that things have started to quiet down, I finally have time to sit down and write a post.  I have been so busy catching up on sleep the past couple of days that I have passed out before I could write a post.

So the new work outs keep rolling in.  Earlier this week I tried a new arm work out that split up my biceps and triceps!  I can feel the burn when I do this workout! So here it is:


  • Wide Grip and Close Grip Barbell Curl           Reps: 8/5/3        Sets: 3
  • Preacher Curl                                                  Reps: 8/5/3        Sets: 3
  • Standing Dumbbell Curl (alternate)                 Reps 8/5/3         Sets: 3
  • Incline Dumbbell Curl (alternate)                     Reps 8/5/3         Sets:3

*The standing Dumbbell curl and Incline curl I switched off between until I achieved three sets of each.

Triceps (My Favorite!)

  • Skull Crushers              Reps: 8/5/3           Sets:3
  • Dips                              Reps: 8/5/3           Sets:3
  • Cable Press Downs      Reps: 8/5/3           Sets:3
  • V-Bar Press Downs       Reps: 8/5/3          Sets 3

*The Cale Press downs and V-Bar press downs I switched off between until I achieved three sets of each.

In case the repetitions looks a little odd.  I started doing pyramids in order to help increase muscle mass.  When I do pyramids I start with 8 reps, then increase the weights and do 5 reps, and finally increase the weights one last time and do three reps.

What kind of arm work out do you do?





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