Diet Changes Pay Off


So today I met with Sasha, and it was my least favorite day-measurements day.  She seems to always catch me for measurements when I have been bad diet wise!  She laughed when I told her this.  The measurements though went really well, and the changes in my diet definitely paid off!  It is always nice to see results when you have fallen off the path a little more than you would like, because results help you to get back on track and fuel your fitness journey!  In four weeks, I put on five pounds of muscle!  I was so proud of myself, because in the past I really struggled to put on muscle.  It is obvious why now.  I was not eating enough!  I definitely earned my reward this month, and I will be booking my massage (my first one!) the first week in June!  So here are my measurements in April and May!

April 19, 2013

Body Fat %: 9.48%  Current Lean Body Mass: 106.82 lbs Current Fat Mass: 11.18 lbs

May 22, 2013

Body Fat %: 8.19% Current Lean Body Mass: 112.92 lbs Current Fat Mass: 10.08 lbs

Of course as always after we went over my results, we set new goals and rewards.  My goal for the next four weeks is to continue meeting my macro nutrient ratios, to incorporate creatine pre and post work out, and to start doing pyramids for my sets and reps (new work out post to come soon)!  My reward for getting these things right for four weeks is to buy my competition suit and to take the dive into a fitness competition.  Bring it on the month of June (such a great month because school ends and I get married 🙂 )!

What helps fuel your work outs?  What kind of results have you seen?!


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