Hitting a hiccup in the fitness journey


So, this week is the ultimate challenge for me.  I am traveling a lot, and I know I will be unable to train on my normal schedule (and that’s okay because life happens!  Remember your muscles need breaks sometimes too.), but I still want to continue my healthy eating.  Have I kept to my eat clean diet completely so far this week? No.  I have hit a couple of hiccups and a couple of major temptations that I did not completely avoid, and that is okay!  Today, I had a lot of sweets and I was unable to fit in my six meals with the proper macro nutrient ratios due to a family event where there was lots of food. 

However, I cannot let that discourage me.  Yes, I cheated massively on my diet today with some sweets and some beer, but tomorrow I know I need to just get back to my normal routine and eating schedule and even better my normal training routine!  I am taking my hiccups to fuel my fitness journey even further and to get me re-motivated again.  I am looking forward to meeting with Sasha tomorrow night, because I know she will give me a kick ass work out to help get me back on track!

Have you had a hiccup in your journey? How do you plan to get yourself back on track?


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