Eating Healthy Expensive?


Many people complain that eating healthy is too expensive.  However, I believe in the saying you get what you pay for.  Therefore, you pay barely anything for your food and you get junk.  You spend a little bit more money and you can get quality healthy food.  Not to say that super savvy shoppers cannot save money on healthy foods!  I am always looking for a good deal or scouring the coupons (after all I am on a teacher’s salary!).

This morning, though, I tried something different.  I woke up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning to check out a local farmers market in Matthews.  If you want to check out a Farmer’s Market, it is always best to go when they first open. At opening the farmers have the most selection, so the early bird really does get the worm in this case. I have to say it was time well spent, and it was a great way to kick start my morning.  I will definitely continue to shop on Saturday mornings at the local farmers market and here is why.  First, I got to talk to the farmers and learn how they grew their produce.  Maybe in the future I will even start to grow my own produce?  Although, I better hope my luck with plants turns around.  I have a knack for killing plants, because I always forget to water them!  Second, I was supporting my local economy and reducing my carbon footprint (remember a truck has to drive your groceries to the local supermarket from who knows where).  I also saved some money by buying produce that was local and in season!

I am very happy with what I bought (especially the strawberries and asparagus)!  All of the produce was in great shape and tastes very fresh.  There were even farmers that brought eggs and meat!  It was like one stop shopping outside- count me in!

Just make sure when you shop at your local farmer’s market that you can go home right after to put your goodies away or bring a cooler with some ice with you to keep it fresh!  Do you buy local?  If so what do you like to buy?


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