Work Out Friday


So last night, I met with my trainer Sasha, and she gave me a great new work out!  I love when we switch up my workouts, because it keeps my muscles guessing.  I was so sore today that I was wobbling around my classroom!  Last night was the first time that I tried using kettle-bells to lift legs, and I think I found my new favorite exercise to do in the gym!  I also believe that one of the keys to staying motivated at the gym is to switch up your workout, because otherwise you just get plain old bored with it!  Here is the hamstring work out I did with weights.  Make sure you find correct weight for you to do.

Sets              Reps

Romanian Deadlifts with Kettle-bell (power)          4                  3-5

Romanian Deadlifts with Kettle-bell (muscle)         2                  6-12

Wide Stance Good Morning                                   2                  6-12

Glute Ham Raise                                                    2                   6-12

Leg Curl (Burn)                                                       2                     40

What workout did you do today?


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