Setting Reasonable and Attainable Fitness Goals


So, we have all been guilty of setting unrealistic fitness goals.  We then get frustrated with our progress and throw in the towel when we cannot meet those goals in the time frame we wanted.  Yes, getting no results is frustrating, but we also have to remember that results do not happen in the blink of an eye, a day, or even a week.  Results take time!   The saying “patience is a virtue” applies here.  So what are some unrealistic fitness goals?

  • Losing 50 pounds in a month/losing multiple jean sizes in a short time frame- Results like this will not happen in a month if done the correct way.  Remember crash diets are not maintainable and actually slow your metabolism down (the opposite of what you want!)!  Realistically weight loss goals should be about 0.5 pounds to maybe 2 pounds a week max.
  • Working out every day when you have not been working out- If your body is not used to working out every day, this will be a hard adjustment for both you and your body.  To start with this may be over doing it!  Also, remember your body needs time to rest and recover!

So now that I told you what is unrealistic, let’s talk about realistic fitness goals.  Yes, I set goals for myself!  My trainer has helped me to set realistic short term and long term goals.  When I started living the fit life my first goal was to start eating breakfast, because I was in a bad habit of skipping breakfast to avoid the extra calories.  At first eating breakfast was a struggle, I had to find time to eat in the morning and force food down my throat.  Seven months later  and I now wake up ravenous and ready to eat.  I actually look forward to breakfast! 

My next goal I set was to be able to achieve a wide-grip pull up on my own.  This goal is still a work in progress.  I am getting closer and closer, and I can actually do quite a few chin ups on my own now!  I just have to keep reminding myself of how far I have come and that I am getting closer and closer to my goal.  I just have to take it one day at a time one work out at a time.

I also have one other short term goal right now.  This goal was to master my nutrition by making sure I am eating the right macronutrient ratios.  I feel that I am doing a pretty good job on this.  I am still working on my macronutrient ratios, though, on leg days by incorporating my carbohydrates to sustain me through my tough leg work out.

So to give you some ideas here are some great short term goals:

  • To start going to the gym two to three times a week
  • To start eating a healthy breakfast (mine was oatmeal and a greek yoghurt)
  • To be able to do a plank for 30 seconds

Or anything you want that you know that you can work towards and achieve within the time frame in mind!

Long term goals are a whole other ball game.  Long term can be something you want to achieve further out in the future in a few months to a year that your short term goals will help you achieve.  These goals are goals that take time and you have to work really hard towards.  Currently my long-term goal is to compete in a fitness competition (bikinni or figure).  I have not chosen that competition yet, but I am thinking my body will be ready in the November time frame.  Do you want to run a marathon? a 5k? Lose a certain amount of weight?  For your long term goal the sky is the limit!

What goals will you set for yourself?  Make sure you write your goals down!  You are more likely to achieve your goal if you write it down!  I personally like to write my goal down and leave it posted on the fridge, so I have a daily reminder of what that goal is. Now go set those goals!




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