How Long Can You Go Without Fast Food?


So, this post was inspired my students.  As some of you may know, I work at a high school teaching ninth and tenth graders, and my students love fast food.  In fact some of my students have Bojangles for breakfast every day and some of my students have their parents deliver fast food in the middle of class for lunch to my dismay.  Not only does this food stink up my classroom and cause distractions, but it is highly processed and contributing to the large numbers of obese students at my school.  On Monday during a meeting some of the teachers will be discussing this issue to see if we can stop parents from delivering fast food to students during the school day.

So here is my challenge.  How long can you go without fast food?  When I started my fitness journey back in October, I completely gave up fast food.  I have not looked back minus maybe one or two cravings for Chick-fil-a, which I defeated!  There is so much more healthy and nutritious foods out there that are not processed and your body will appreciate you for it!  In fact, if I have processed greasy foods now not only does the guilt kick in but my stomach also hates me for it.

I know fast food is a quick and easy meal, but there are ways to prevent running down the street to a fast food restaurant.  Try the following:

  • Stock your fridge with healthy foods and snacks
  • Prepare your meals ahead of the time (I usually do all my meal prep on Saturday or Sunday)
  • Remember you are what you eat!

Good Luck!


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