Happy Mother’s Day!


Mom and IHappy Mother’s day!  I can truly say that I have the best Mom in the world.  I am so sad that I do not get to spend the day with my mom today, because she lives about fourteen hours away.  However, I did send her flowers that arrived yesterday afternoon to let her know that I was thinking of her.  If I were home, I know what we would be doing.  I would be in the kitchen cooking a yummy meal for my mom!  I had to yell at my Dad this morning for not cooking her breakfast in bed.  I mean today is her day, so shouldn’t she be treated like a queen?

So I find myself asking what would I be cooking for my Mom if I were home?  For those of you living the fit life, cooking in the kitchen can be a little nerve racking for beginners, because you are not always sure what is okay to have and what is not.  Then there is the question of what is a cheat meal?  If you are not cooking your own food, it is hard to control what goes into it.  So I have found it easier to just make my own and give it a healthy spin.  You can always cook delicious things in the kitchen that are healthy.  You just need to know how to adapt them and pay attention to your macro ratios (how much carbohydrates, proteins, and fat in your meal).  I would share my macro ratios, but your ratios may be different depending on what your fitness goals are.  So if I were home, I would probably be scourging through my favorite websites that report nutrition information to find something to cook for my Mom!  Here are a list of some awesome sites I have found that give nutritious (nutrition information always available!) and delicious recipes:

  • Ingredientsofafitchick.com – This is one of my favorites!  She has awesome recipes.  I have yet to find one that I did not like.
  • Eatcleandiet.com -Another good one.  I got introduced to clean eating when I started training, and at first I really struggled with this.  This website really helped me.  However, be careful of believing everything you read!
  • Fitness RX for women online – This is a wonderful website for a women’s health magazine that also has some great recipes and nutrition information.  I also follow it on Facebook.

How are you spending Mother’s day?  Will you be cooking?


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